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Other forms of being an Advocate.

Posted by The Splicer on 5/29/2016 to Advocacy
So many people are just now starting to realize vaping is under attack. I'm glad to see advocacy catching on, but people forget how many forms there are. Yes, joining CASAA is important. Follow their calls to action, send emails, make phone calls! Making your voice heard is important! There are still a few other things, people don't realize. If your up to the challenge, read on. Be Warned. Not everyone will respond as kindly as some of my examples. Some people can be rude.

You're out for a day in downtown. Walking around visiting stores, and spending time with family. As you walk into Shop A. you notice a gentleman vaping inside the store. Take a moment to approach him, but do so respectfully and politely. "Hi, I vape too, is this shop vape friendly?". A casual question, just to make them aware people notice what they are doing. "I don't really know, but its not smoke so it doesn't harm anybody." a typical response from someone who really doesn't care. Personally I'd reply with a simple "Oh, well I'll wait till I'm back outside, I don't want to risk disturbing other customers experience. have a nice day!". Of course don't go word for word. This is an Ideal situation of making someone aware they aren't being respectful.

Vaping in stores/places that don't allow it, causes a worse name for us. Some people can be dual users. Vaping where they cant smoke, they believe its allowed anywhere. I try to make sure anyone around me is aware that they still need to be respectful. Vaping is a healthier, PERSONAL choice. It doesn't mean you get to blow it in peoples face's, or at your dinner table in the restaurant. Just make sure you don't come across confrontational. We need to educate more people on vaping, and reinforce it.

Another common issue is battery safety. I use a sub ohm, high wattage, Regulated mod. I have an RDA on it, and I blow decent sized clouds. So when I'm vaping I end up talking with other vapers. Generally I make light friendly conversation, but I also ask some very casual questions with a different intent. "What batteries do you use in that mod?", "What are you ohm'ing out to?" Both of those are Instant questions. The reason I ask is some people have no clue about safety! It gives me a chance to make sure they aren't using mixed batteries, batteries with damaged wrappings, and check to see if their resistance is too low, if they are using a mechanical mod. That way I can casually warn them of any hazards they are facing. Friendly, casual, and possibly saving them from a terrible accident.

There are shops out there, that don't know what they are selling. I am not accusing ANYONE specifically, but I have been to a few and know they exist. We as fellow vapers, have the opportunity to pass along the education these shops skip out on. They setup a mod, with batteries, an atomizer, and charger. Selling them as a kit to people without covering a single bit of info, other then how to add liquid. We can help these people. Don't mention prices, you will sound like a salesman. Just warn them, suggest they visit their shop and replace whatever is unsafe.

I kinda hope you see where I'm going with this. Advocacy to me, Is more then just fighting the legal battles. It includes being an advocate for battery safety, and proper education about the device we are using. So lets make sure we are offering our experience to others who are just starting. The more we educate, the less problems occur. The less problems occur, the better our chances of showing them this is a LOWER RISK! Just my two cents through.

Thanks for reading guys, Good luck out there. If you do decide to start approaching people. Remember, be POLITE, RESPECTFUL, AND NICE. Don't be bossy or a know it all. It's about making a difference, not about making enemies.

Thanks for reading as always.

- The Splicer

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