This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Testimonials - Vaping Community - Vapin in the Cape

These are actual testimonials from our customers.
Vapin in the Cape has greatly increased the vaping community
by taking the time to educate thousands of smokers on the benefits of vaping
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Best Customer Service and Support

5/18/2014 by Brenda, NY
I wont buy from anyone where I live here in NY. I'm a dedicated shopper with Vapin in The Cape.

Greatest store ever by far!!!!

10/25/2013 by Christina, FL
I have been smoke free for 1 1/2 years and feeling great.

Order Follow-up

3/25/2013 by Miles M., Cape Coral
I have been buying products from Vapin in the Cape


1/19/2013 by Brandy L., Cape Coral
went from smoking 2 packs a day...

Thank God we found you.

12/6/2012 by Erik & Teresa
Both of us two pack a day smokers...

Overall Satisfaction and Trust in Products

11/27/2012 by Geo, Ft. Myers
VITC's products were the first products I bought when I started vapin' 15 months ago...

Online Testimonial

10/24/2012 by Helen B.
I purchased the S1 model and 2 bottles of Dew flavor 24 mg, OMG.....

Just Wanted to Say Thanks!

10/2/2012 by Jennifer, NJ
A friend of mine was visiting family down there when they brought her to your store...

Online Testimonial

9/29/2012 by Robert S., Naples

Thank you!

9/28/2012 by Ginger, Cape Coral
I am a nurse and have struggled with smoking for 27 years

Thank God I found you!!

9/28/2012 by Penny, Cape Coral
I have been smoking a pack a day for 33 years.

Facebook Testimonial

9/16/2012 by Suhay, Ft. Myers
My husband was facing a constant battle of him quitting cigarettes.

Love, Love, LOVE...

9/11/2012 by Heather S.
the product and the service!!!

Why Try...Here's Just a Few Reasons...

6/21/2012 by Jennifer B.
My boyfriend and I have tried 4 elect cigs in the past 18 mths trying to kick the habit...

Why would anyone go anywhere else in the USA

4/5/2012 by Robert R., Cape Coral, FL
Why would anyone go anywhere else in the USA, not to mention Cape Coral, to do business...

Thank you

3/19/2012 by Taylor S.
I'm a first time e-cig user and long-time smoker and would like to say how much I enJoy this product.

The absolute best customer service I have ever experienced

3/19/2012 by Cory B., Indiana
I had been smoking for 12' years very heavily

I Wouldn't Even Look or Shop Anywhere Else

3/16/2012 by Chris, Cape Coral
I had been smoking Winston regular for over 30 years at 2 to 3 packs a day I was interested in quitting and Scott was straight up with no B.S its hard to b.s. a b.s.er.

I feel like a "kid in a candy store"

2/3/2012 by Candy
When I go online to Vapin in the Cape, I feel like a "kid in a candy store". It is so fun.

These E-Cigarettes are THE BEST!!

1/26/2012 by Michael
I bought mine 2 weeks ago today and I havent

Vapin's selection of Joye eGo products is unrivaled

1/22/2012 by Fran
Vapin' in the Cape had wonderful reviews online, and I'd like to add my voice to those exceptionally positive reviews. Because I live

Just wanted to say how much I love my system!!

1/13/2012 by Amy
I've been doing this for months now, and could never go back now. I've tried to smoke a cigarette and

Their knowledge and expertise are unbeatable.

1/2/2012 by Denise
So we all know that vaping is far better for us. My comments here today are specifically for Vapin in the Cape.

Your "no pressure" salesmanship and ...

9/9/2011 by Rick
Thank you Scott for suggesting I try dripping when I came in for supplies yesterday.

Very patient and not at all pushy

9/8/2011 by Mary Ann
After wasting money purchasing a vapor kit online & becoming very frustrated with it's inability to function properly
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