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Common Ecig problems and how to fix them.

Posted by The Splicer on 5/28/2016 to Mods
So you got a vape recently, and it doesn't work the way it did when you bought it. There is usually a cause for that. We're going to cover a few common problems people encounter, and how to fix them. We wont be covering a specific device. All the problems listed below can happen with most of the devices you can purchase.

"My pen doesn't produce much vapor, it used to produce a lot more". 
Now, this one is usually just a coil gone bad, so try replacing it. If its still not working well, the battery would be the next step. Make sure the battery is charged well. Some batteries get weaker as the charge gets lower. If your battery is adjustable, see if it got turned down. One more thing we can check to make sure. Look at the original atomizer, whats the resistance (most manufacturers list the coils resistance on the side of both the box of atomizers, and atomizer head. ). Is it different then what you normally purchase? If so you may want to get the same coils next time.

Non of these fixed your problem? It Might be best to visit a shop. They will usually have tools to detect if there something else going on. If they cant figure it out either, perhaps its time to get a new device.

"My tank keeps leaking".
This can be tricky. More often then not, its just a bad atomizer. In some of the sub-ohm tanks, it could also be too thin of an E-liquid. Another common cause is heat. Leaving your vape in the car is a big no-no, based on just battery safety. However in this case it can cause the liquid to expand and thin out. Pushing excess out of the tank and into other areas.  The next step would be the integrity of the tank. Is it sealed properly? Is there a missing o-ring? Maybe a small crack you didn't notice before. These can all cause the pressure of vapes to change. Allowing too much liquid to flow into the coil and out of the tank. The last common cause is pulling too hard when you vape. As we pull vapor through our tanks, it creates pressure that pulls more juice into the atomizer. Pulling too hard, taking many short light pulls, could also flood the coil. Pulling too much liquid into the atomizer could cause it to spit or leak.

"I press the button but my pen wont fire or light up"
This is a funny one. I've had many laugh when it is the simple fix. Most of these devices can be turned on/off with five quick clicks to the button. Many times people forget or don't realize they turned it off. I wish that was the case every time. Some batteries may need to be reset. Simple screw the battery, or plug it into a charger for a few moments and see if it lights up. Usually this seems to reset it and it will work fine after. If the charger wont read it, check the center pin on the battery. Make sure its clean of any debris or buildup. Then plug it back into the charger. If the center pin is dirty it can prevent the charger from being able to recharge the battery. Just use a paper towel, you don't need any cleaners or liquids to do this. In fact using any liquid around you vape, could possibly damage it. So just use a dry cloth to wipe it out.

"My device turns on but flashes three times and shuts back off"
This is a sign that the coil in your tank is not compatible with your battery. Some larger/newer devices will say "atomizer low" or "low resistance". Letting you know the coil is asking for more power then the battery can safely supply.
Try a different coil, and make sure you know what your battery is capable of before you try to use a more powerful tank.

"I feel like my vape is too harsh. It keeps burning my throat".
This one can be tricky but generally its one of two things. You could could have gone bad, if it tastes burnt, or metallic. Try replacing it first. The other cause could be your nicotine content is too high. Especially if your getting dizzy, nauseous, headaches, or stomach problems after vaping. Try stepping down a level and see if that fixes it. If neither of these fix the issue, it could be a little more complicated. Id suggest starting with a different brand e-liquid first and see if the shop can help you from there. We are also not Doctors, so if it continues go ask them and see if you have an allergy to something in your vape.

Hopefully some of these tips come in handy. Maybe next time we can cover some more advanced unit's and problem fixes.
Thanks for reading! 'Till next time.

- The Splicer

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