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Vapin' on the Space Coast

Posted by Lorrie on 6/13/2016 to Community
Florida's infamous Space Coast is truly a beautiful place to visit.  We were fortunate enough to visit Cape Canaveral Beach, Kennedy Space Center, and the Brevard Zoo while visiting last week.  Of course, no trip is complete without checking out where we can vape!

Cape Canaveral Beach

We didn't see any signs prohibiting cigarettes or vaping devices.  If you decide to bring your vape equipment with you to the beach, be sure to follow some basic battery safety tips to ensure your batteries don't overheat or vent from the sun.  

The Brevard Zoo  

This little zoo offers some pretty amazing things; from kayaking the river to get up close to the lemurs and giraffes, to the zip line course, there is plenty there to keep you busy for a few hours.  Unfortunately though, they do not allow any type of smoking or vaping inside the park (it's their number one rule).

Don't let that sign discourage you from visiting the Brevard Zoo.  It truly is one of the small, hidden gems in Florida.  

Kennedy Space Center

Like most parks, Kennedy Space Center requires vapers to use designated smoking areas.  Here is a screen shot of their policy from their website:

The day we were visiting, we did not have a map to guide us.  However, the smoking areas were pretty easy to find.  None of the areas we found offered any type of shade.  Up first, the vaping-smoking area located toward the back of the Rocket Garden (right in front of the Saturn IV rocket, or, as I call it, "the huge rocket on its side").  This area was most puzzling to us, as there seems to be a lot of traffic in that area, especially children.  We had to wait a few minutes to allow for the daycare camp kids to clear the area before we took pictures.  That said, it makes a pretty cool backdrop for vaping photos.

Next up, is the area near the Atlantis exhibit.  Before we discuss the vaping/smoking area, I have to recommend to our readers; if you have not visited this exhibit yet, it is worth the price of admission.  It is easily one of the best historical space exhibits out there, and for those of us old enough to remember the Shuttle program fondly, this exhibit is very moving and awe-inspiring.  

The smoking/vaping area is located just outside the Atlantis gift shop.  It's in another place where you will see a lot of foot traffic, and it's another location that was a bit puzzling to us.  There is literally no way non-smokers will be able to avoid walking through the smoke or vapor if you have a group using that site.  

If you were to walk up toward the Atlantis exhibit, the vaping-smoking area would be located on the right side of the building (where you see Scott standing in the photo below).

Last up, is the vaping area we "hung out" in the most.  It's located behind the Orbit Cafe restaurant.  What we liked about this area was the privacy.  There is a memorial further up the path, but for the most part, there weren't a lot of people in the area.  Unfortunately, there isn't any shade in that area either, so wear sunblock and be prepared to "glisten" in the hot Florida sun.

Directly across the vaping-smoking area is another landmark to look for - a plane.

That wraps up this installment of vaping-smoking areas on the Space Coast.  If you would like to see us cover a specific place in a future blog post, drop us a line!  



Date: 6/19/2016
Thank you for this great article. It was very helpful on my family's recent trip to KSC.

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