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Vaping and Florida Theme Parks - Disney's Animal Kingdom

Posted by Lorrie on 6/21/2016 to Advocacy
Once upon a time, Animal Kingdom had some really great smoking-vaping areas.  My favorite was an area right by Expedition Everest.  I could send my kids off to ride the coaster as many times as they wanted, and could remain in the area to vape and relax.  Not anymore.  Now we have to be strategic in our planning, or someone will be whining ("when can we go on the rides????" or "when can we stop and vape????").  So let's get down to business and show you what you have to work with while visiting Disney's Animal Kingdom.  

Like all of Disney's Floridian theme parks, there are strict rules when it comes to vaping:  use the designated smoking areas ONLY.  Animal Kingdom has three smoking-vaping areas inside of the park, and two spots in the parking lot area.  We will start our journey at the front of the park, inside the park, then make our way to the parking lot area where you can vape (it's not listed on the map).

Main Entrance Smoking-Vaping Area:

As you are walking toward the entrance of the park, the "Main Entrance" Smoking-vaping area will be located on your left, near the entrance to the Rain Forest Cafe.

DinoLand USA Smoking-Vaping Area:  

This area is easily my favorite, if for no other reason than it offers plenty of shade and seating.  It is one of the better spots in all of the theme parks.  If you were walking toward DinoLand, you would veer to the right (past the character greetings), and walk toward the restrooms.  There is a smoking sign to guide you into the area (located on your left).

This is the right side of the Smoking-Vaping area.

This is the left side of the Smoking-Vaping area.

You can also get to this area from the Dinosaur ride.  Locate the path on your left (past the dinosaurs), then follow it down to the smoking-vaping section.

Sorry, I couldn't resist...

Africa Smoking-Vaping Area:

Ok...moving on to the Smoking-Vaping area in Africa!  This area is located in the farthest corner of the park, but if you're already hiking in that area anyway, why not stop for a vape while the kids use the bathroom?

There's really only one way to get there, and it's a dead end, so you can't miss it.  It is located past The Lion King show, past the bathrooms, and around the corner.

Our final stop will be the parking lot areas.  The first area is located just across from the resort bus stop area.  So locate the bus stop (on your right), and the smoking-vaping area will be on the sidewalk behind it (diagonally behind it).

The view as you are walking toward the parking lot (exiting left from the park).

The view as you are walking from the parking lot toward the park.

If you continue on the sidewalk toward the parking lot area, there is one more spot:

Be sure to read about the smoking-vaping areas at these Disney parks as well:

As always, if there's a spot in Central Florida you would like us to review, drop us a line!  Meet us back here next week for our review of the smoking-vaping areas of Magic Kingdom!!  

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