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Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Horizontal Coil Cartomizers

Posted by on 6/19/2012

Basic Instructions on Filling Horizontal Coil Cartomizers

  1. Each cartomizer comes with two silicone sleeves.  One on each end. 
  2. One of the silicone sleeves will have a spike sticking up through the middle (found on the bottom of the cartomizer where the threading is), and one will be empty inside (found on the top of the cartomizer where your mouth would go). We will be using the empty sleeve to fill the cartomizer.
  3. Fill the silicone sleeve about halfway with your eLiquid.
  4. Pull the soft, white, rubber tip out of the cartridge.  If you forget this step, the eLiquid may come up through the top.
  5. Dip the cartomizer, thread side first, down into the eLiquid. This will create a vacuum and pull your eLiquid up into the cartomizer.
  6. Push the cartomizer all the way to the bottom of the silicone sleeve (do this slowly to prevent liquid from coming out of the top if you have not removed the white, rubber tip), then pull the cartomizer back out of the sleeve. There will be a few remaining drops in the sleeve.
  7. Sprinkle the remaining drops of eLiquid inside the cartomizer. Be careful not to drop the liquid down the center, as the liquid will just drop through the bottom. It’s best to have the liquid slide down the inside of the barrel into the polyfill.
  8. If you are not using a drip tip, simply replace the white plug. If you are using a drip tip (recommended), snap the drip tip in place of the white plug.
  9. Finally, twist the cartomizer onto your battery, then twist on the cone. Enjoy the vapor!

Please note: Cartomizers are intended to be disposable. The manufacturer states that these can be refilled 4-6 times. Results may vary. There are no warranties on cartomizers.

Alternative Filling:

You can choose to fill your Horizontal Coil Cartomizers by simply pulling the white end cap out of the cartomizer, and adding drops to the polyfil.  You will want to add 10-15 drops of eLiquid to the cartomizer when it is new.  A good rule of thumb is to add enough eLiquid so that the polyfil is similar in color to your eLiquid, or appears saturated.

You should allow the cartomizer to sit for about 5 minutes before using it the first time so that the eLiquid has the chance to get absorbed to the atomizer (located at the bottom of the cartomizer).

Helpful Hints:

If you are getting eLiquid in your mouth when you inhale, your cartridge is over-filled.  Take the cartomizer off of your battery, and gently blow excess liquid into a paper towel.

If you are experiencing a burnt taste after fully refilling, or it is becoming harder to drag on, your cartomizer should be replaced with a new one.

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