This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

FDA Regulations

FDA Vapor Regulations and You

Due to the FDA regulations that went into effect on August 8, 2016 we MUST implement these changes:

  • You MUST immediately show your ID if you appear to be under 30 years old in our stores.  If you order online, you must be willing to prove your age or your order will be cancelled.
  • Samples CANNOT be FREE to a customer or employee. Sampling (in store) will cost $1 (+tax), with 100% of the proceeds to benefit SFATA (Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association).
Shops will NOT be able handle your device.
  • Shops CANNOT prime, build, change or modify your coil in any manner.
  • Shops CANNOT take your tank off your device.
  • Shops CANNOT open your tank or your mod.
  • Shops CANNOT fill your tank.
  • Shops CANNOT update any device.
  • Shops CANNOT disassemble or assemble your device. Even disassembling our display model for you to see is a gray area. We will walk you through set up of your new device, however, we cannot be holding it to do so.
If we do any of those things we are considered to be a Tobacco Manufacturer, which we are NOT.
*The FDA has updated this to allow for basic troubleshooting, however, we are still not allowed to modify the device
Shops may no longer mix eliquid or add any additives, such as nicotine or flavorings to eliquids in-store.
Shops may not alter the original package of an item. Meaning:
  • Shops are not allowed to sell single coils.
  • Shops are not allowed to open bottles of juice.
  • Shops are not allowed to open boxed items.
Shops are no longer allowed to tell anyone that vaping helps people quit smoking. We can not claim that it is safer than cigarettes or that it is a tobacco harm reduction.
These regulations are as the industry understands them today.  As with any new regulation, things might change over the next few months.  Please be patient with us as we try to adapt to the regulations and as the FDA sees fit to modify.
What can you do about this:

Support HB 2058 to change the date of which all products created after February 2007 are banned.

Register to vote and get out and vote for candidates who believe in your freedom to choose vaping over smoking.

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