This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Posted by on 8/21/2012

VITC USA Made eLiquids

This manufacturer offers eLiquids in two different blends.  Flavors with (PG) listed, are an 80%PG/20%VG blend.  Flavors listed with (High VG) are a Max VG Blend.

Dekang eLiquids

Dekang eLiquids are manufactured in China.  Dekang is the most reputable manufacturer of eLiquids in the world currently.  All of their eLiquids are created in a clean-room facility, with international lab certification.  Dekang eLiquids are available in 80%PG. 20%VG blend.  

LEET Liquids

Leet Liquids are all Max VG blend.

Prime Time eLiquids

Prime Time eLiquids are all Max VG blend.

K.I.S.S. eLiquids

K.I.S.S.  eLiquids are all a 50%PG/50%VG blend.

FURY eLiquids

FURY eLiquids are all Max VG blend.

Cloud Crew® Competition Blend eLiquids

Cloud Crew® eLiquids are all Max VG blend.

Tips for Purchasing eLiquids:

  • When in doubt, use a lower strength of nicotine.  If the strength is not high enough, you will go through it at a faster pace.  If the strength is too high, you may experience:  dizziness, nausea, headaches, diarrhea, heart palpitations, heart attack, or stroke. 
  • These are the general guidelines we use when determining nicotine strength:
    • Non-smoker:  0mg
    • Less than half a pack a day:  6mg
    • Less than a pack a day:  11mg
    • A pack a day:  18mg
    • Up to two packs a day:  24mg
    • Three or more packs a day:  36mg
  •  Consider the type of tank or atomizer you are using prior to choosing an eLiquid.  Tanks generally work better with higher PG blends due to the cotton being able to wick the liquid better.  People who are vaping at lower Ohms, or are building their own atomizers tend to enjoy the high VG blends better.  

If you have questions, or need more information, please contact us.

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