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Why are ecigs better than traditional cigarettes?

Posted by Scott on 4/30/2011 to Advocacy
Why are ecigs better than traditional cigarettes?
We get asked this question every day.  There are MANY advantages of electronic cigarettes or ecigs over traditional cigarettes (also known as "analogs").  In this blog article, I will cover some of the major advantages of ecigs.


People ask us regularly why inhaling vapor would be any better than inhaling smoke.  The answer is actually quite simple...the main thing that ecigs do for your health is that they eliminate the combustion process from smoking analogs.  Nothing is being burned, therefore ecigs eliminate the over 4000 chemical compounds that are associated with traditional cigarette smoke, not to mention the TAR and Carbon Monoxide.

Where does the number 4000 come from?  In 1994, the tobacco companies submitted a list to the FDA of 599 chemicals that they are adding to tobacco for various reasons.  What they didn't take into account was how those additives react with each other when burned.  The chemical reaction during combustion creates over 4000 chemical compounds.

It is common knowledge that the number one cause of death in a house fire is NOT the fire, it is the smoke.  This is where electronic cigarettes come in.  You have a liquid mixture that is being vaporized, thus NO COMBUSTION & NO SMOKE.  It really is that simple.


Have you seen the price for a pack of cigarettes lately?  The average here in Southwest Florida is about $4.80 a pack.  That is the average combining premium brands and generic.  That would make the average carton price $45-$48 dollars, and in reality it is MUCH higher. 

While many ecig companies are selling starter kits with cartridges that are designed to be thrown away, we are focused on re-fillable models.  The reason for this is simple, in this economy, we all need to save money where we can.  It is true that the upfront cost is about the price of a carton of cigarettes, but going forward your costs are drastically reduced.

A 10ml bottle of eLiquid costs $6.99 and depending on the strength, is equal to roughly a carton of cigarettes worth of nicotine.  Here is an example:

24mg strength means that each milliliter contains 24mg of nicotine, so a 10ml bottle would be 240mg of nicotine.  With each traditional cigarette, you get about 1mg of nicotine on average, so a 10ml bottle of 24mg eLiquid would equal about 240 traditional cigarettes.  That is a carton and 2 packs of cigarettes for $6.99.  You see how you would save money in the long run.


NO more emptying ash trays
NO more second hand smoke
NO more offensive odor
NO more searching for a lighter

For me, I am able to taste again, and smell again.  My breathing has improved, and I have more energy.  Everyone is different though, and you may not experience the same benefits. I know that I personally will be vaping for the rest of my life!

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