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Vapin' in the Cape

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Lorrie & Scott, the owners of Vapin in the Cape, were both long term smokers (25 years).  In October 2010, while doing our household budget, we realized that we were spending $400 per month on cigarettes and decided that we needed to quit.  We decided to give this new electronic cigarette a try, so we ordered (2) starter kits (cig-a-like 808 kits) for $300 from one of the only places you could order from at the time.  To our surprise, they were working great at keeping us off of the smokes, but we soon ran out of the pre-filled cartridges.  Having no other choice at the time but to go out and buy smokes (which at the time and STILL are abundantly available).  Once we tasted that burning cigarette after being on the vapor for a week previously, we both wondered why we ever started smoking in the first place.  We knew right then and there that we needed to make vaping available to the smokers in our area.  I don't think anyone would argue that we were the pioneers of the vape craze in Southwest Florida.

We are and have always been a Christian family owned vape business.  We have always operated our company based on our principles and we will never compromise on those.  We will never use deceptive or offensive marketing to sell our products.  We firmly believe in these products and their ability to make people's lives better.

Vapin' in the Cape was started online November 2010. 

We opened Southwest Florida's FIRST retail store dedicated to the electronic cigarettes, March 2011.  We quickly outgrew that location, and as soon as our lease was up, we opened up the Del Prado store March 2012.

August 2012 we introduced Southwest Florida to the very first "eLiquid Bar", allowing customers to sample any and all of the 100+ flavors on our eliquid menu.

January 2013 we opened our second location in Kissimmee, Florida.  

January 2014 we opened our third location in Orlando, Florida.

February 2017 we closed down all retail operations and became strictly an online business.

December 2017, we started offering Local Pickup for customers in the Kissimmee/Orlando area.

January 2018, due to customer demand to have the ability to try flavors and get help with devices, etc. we converted the front office of our warehouse into a small vape shop that is operated by the original owners, Lorrie & Scott

We started this company being passionate about helping people to put down the cigarettes and we remain passionate to that cause all of these years later.  Although we have witnessed the vape industry become very 'hipster' over the years, we know that the main goal of vapor products should be to help people have an alternative to smoking. 

We continue to strive for excellent customer service and offering the best vape supplies!  Thank you for reading about us and God bless!

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