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Finding Your Right Throat Hit

Posted by Vapin’ in the Cape on 6/10/2017 to Community
Finding Your Right Throat Hit

The throat hit is a major determinant of whether you will enjoy your vaping experience. Actually, in order for you to enjoy vaping and avoid backsliding to traditional tobacco smoking, you must first learn how to achieve the right throat hit. So, what is throat hit? It is the tingling sensation that one gets at the back of their throat once they inhale vapor produced by their e-juice. Here are some factors that you need to consider in order to get a satisfying throat hit.

Factor #1: E-Liquid Contents

Getting the right e-liquid at Vapin’ in the Cape is the first step towards achieving the right throat hit. Therefore, before you purchase an e-juice, it is always important that you check its contents. Check for the nicotine concentration and the PG/VG ratio. Also, remember that flavor will have an impact on the throat hit. 

High nicotine levels in a liquid will contribute to a higher throat hit. Hence, if you prefer a higher throat hit, always go for higher nicotine levels. Propylene Glycol (PG) is a great source of throat hit. It is lighter that Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and if used in a higher ratio, compared to VG, you will get a punchier throat hit. As such, it is advisable that you go for a lower PG ratio when looking for a milder throat hit and vice versa.

As you look at the contents of your bottled liquid, it is important to note the flavor and the impact that it will have on your throat hit. Some flavors will reduce the throat hit while others intensify it. For example, if you choose citrus and menthol flavors, you are likely to get a more powerful throat hit than if you chose tobacco, coffee, fruits, or sweet flavors.

Factor #2: Vaping Device

The vaping device that you are using will have a great influence on your throat hit. If you are using high powered devices, such as MODs, then you are likely to achieve a higher throat hit than those using regular electronic cigarette. The high wattages that are released by these powerful devices will further intensify the effects of other components of your e-juice that contribute to a sharper throat hit.

Therefore, if you are using a high-powered device and prefer a lower throat hit, you might have to tone down on the PG ratio and the nicotine concentration. Else, lower the wattage level so that the throat hit is not too intense. But for those who like it harsh, the combination of a good nicotine concentration, PG ratio and a high power device, is just perfect. 

Factor #3: The Vaper’s Preferences

How do you like your vaping sessions? Are you a cloud chasing lover but still need your throat hit right? If so, then you have to learn how to balance the two. For those that love a milder throat hit, try lowering the nicotine level. Also consider e-liquids that have a lower PG/VG ratio. Because VG is thicker and is responsible for producing the clouds, you will undoubtedly achieve massive clouds while maintaining the perfect throat hit. However, if you only care about the flavor, to achieve the right throat hit, you have to play around with the power settings, but first try using a higher PG/VG ratio. As for the power, reset to higher wattages, if you like a warm flavor. 

Bottom Line

Throat hit plays a very big role in your overall vaping experience. And, as can be seen, achieving the perfect throat hit is not that difficult. As long as you select your e-liquid right and know your preferences, you are bound to have satisfying vaping sessions.

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