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A Refrigerated Bust

Posted by Vapin In The Cape on 8/18/2017 to Eliquids
A Refrigerated Bust

Extra! Extra! Read all about it. Vapers, have you noticed a change in the flavor of your juice? Does it seem a tad bit off? You have followed the directions about how to properly store the container, yet you are still not achieving the flavor and experience that you have come to love from vaping. Well, it could be that you are simply storing your e-juice incorrectly. 

The Wrong Way

Breaking news! If you have been storing your e-juice in the refrigerator then you have been silently killing your juice. Putting your juice in the refrigerator is the equivalent to a meteor slamming into earth and destroying everything that you know and love. The e-juice is a fragile mixture of nicotine and other flavorings. So, the refrigerator acts as that meteor, destroying all the beautiful flavor and consistency of your juice. This is not ideal for the best vaping experience. You want to be able to enjoy the flavor and nicotine of the juice. That is why you bought it, correct?

You may be asking yourself, how could storing my juice in the refrigerator possibly destroy it? Well, according to Vape Craft Incorporated, the flavors inside of your juice will have the tendency to bond together over time. Thus, forming crystals and causing all the flavors to leave the juice and deposit into the crystals through a process called re-crystallization, which, too, thickens the consistency of the juice. Additionally, there is the problem of condensation. Condensation occurs in the container that holds the juice, and the water produced from it drips down into the liquid causing the destruction of the flavor. Also, bacteria are attracted to moist areas. So, if you have condensation taking place in the e-liquid container then that is a breeding ground for potential bacteria, which can cause illness. Hence, be safe. Do not store your juice in the refrigerator.

The Right Way

Now, that we have discussed the wrong way to store your e-juice let us discuss the right way. There are many opinion pieces about the proper storage of e-liquid, but one conclusion that they all arrive at is that e-liquid should be stored in a cool and dark area. That’s why some have recommended the refrigerator as an excellent option, but based on the results of reduced flavor and changes in the consistency the refrigerator option is void. Therefore, a better option would be to store your juice in a high cabinet that is not in direct sunlight or above a stove. This way the juice is in a dark place – with no artificial lighting – and it can remain cool. Vaping juice kept in these conditions will not disappoint, and you will be able to continually enjoy the vaping experience.

Thus, it is time to rejoice! A solution has been found. Store your e-juice in a high, cool and dark place, and enjoy the satisfaction of vaping the same flavor and consistency like the day you first opened the package.

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