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Love, Love, LOVE...

9/11/2012 by Heather S.

I visited my local vape store in Fort Myers last week. The sales people did little by the way of explaining my options (because they only sell one kit and a plethora of mix and mach parts that I knew nothing about). I did buy some liquid because I already owned a refillable "cigarette type" vape cig. However they failed to inform me the cinnamon flavor would destroy my cartos :(. I decided yesterday to come and check out the much raved about vape in the cape. It was quite busy when I arrived on a Monday evening about half an hour before close. The staff, I am sure was tired and ready to go home, but you would never know it, going by their enthusiasm and patience with all of my questions. I came with one particular product in mind but the staff was honest about the faults of the product (not that it was bad but had some issues that may cause a problem at some point). They explained how I could save money, that's right, SAVE not try to sell me the most expensive product in the store, and set me up with an amazing product!!! From now on that bridge toll and half hour drive will be on my list of to do's on a regular basis. Well worth the trip to receive great value and customer service. ROCK ON guys you are setting a standard for all other businesses out there, something the big corps should learn from you guys.
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