This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Just Wanted to Say Thanks!

10/2/2012 by Jennifer, NJ

She came back to Jersey with an eGo and I was fascinated. I'd been contemplating an e-cig but didn't like any I'd seen till then. She gave me your website and off I went. The eGo was a bit bulky so I went for the eCab. I had a little trouble with the liquid leaking out of the cartridges. (straight lq on the lips = not good) I just got the adapter to use 510 cartomizers and now I'm in LOVE! I feel like I'm smoking but I don't smell, I can vape inside without stinking up the place and what incredible flavors there are. I love your site. Buddy is a Rock Star. He called me right away if something wasn't available and my order goes out immediately. Huge thanks to everyone there at Vapin in the Cape. We'll be spreading the word up here in New Jersey.
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