This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

I Wouldn't Even Look or Shop Anywhere Else

3/16/2012 by Chris, Cape Coral

The house tobacco 36mg is all I vape and Vapin in The Cape Provides me with (The Devil Juice). I walked into an office and met Scott a year ago February.I had been smoking Winston regular for over 30 years at 2 to 3 packs a day I was interested in quitting and Scott was straight up with no B.S its hard to b.s. a b.s.er.He was friendly knowledgeble and had that personality you enjoy going to the store to chat with him awhile they opened on 47th below the office and I met his better half and as nice a guy as Scott is Lori was a doll allways makes sure what you want is in stock and if it isn't goes out of her way to get it and to you quickly and conveniently these 2 are top notch folks to the point I wouldn't even look or shop anywhere else I'd rather have the friendly customer is allways right service anyday in lieu of saving a little bit of money.Congrats on the new store and keep up the good work and business you have a customer as long as I vape and if I ever do quit I'll still come by just to bother ya'll Thanks for all your help throughout last year.
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