This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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9/16/2012 by Suhay, Ft. Myers

My husband was facing a constant battle of him quitting cigarettes. He tried getting patches, gum, sunflower seeds, watching videos of the effects of cigarette smoking, everything in order to get himself to quit smoking. Unfortunately, his grandfather is now diagnosed with lung cancer about two months ago. This....made him realize that the smoking needs to stop before he ended up in the same path. But what was he to do about his nicotine craving? Was there any possible way that he could get all the effects of smoking plus the nicotine without really smoking? Then we found Vapin' in the Cape. Now he is a "disciple" of e-cigarettes. He doesn't stink, he is actually saving money, and he gets everything he needs to satisfy his craving without all the harmful side effects. He himself has also been limiting his nicotine dosage. He has finally gotten his grandpa to quit smoking and he as well couldn't be more pleased. He even convinced my brother to give it a try, and my brother as well has not smoked for a little over a month. My husband and I are very happy with this store, the customer service, the products, and the inspiring posts of smokers that were in the same situation finally quitting after many years. Even though I am a non smoker, I as well am an advocate of Vapin'. It has changed my husband, my brother, and my husband's grandfathers life in a positive way. Thank you, Vapin' in the Cape for providing this service and for making someone's dream of having their family members finally quit smoking, a reality.
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