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Welcome to "What are YOU Vapin?" - the official blog of Vapin in the Cape.  This is a resource for 'all things vape related'.  We will try and keep this blog up to date with the latest vaping news, opinions, and reviews.  Please comment on the articles because we would love to hear your thoughts.

Sadly, we say goodbye to V2 Cigs...

Posted by Vapin in the Cape on 11/7/2018 to Eliquids
Sadly, we say goodbye to V2 Cigs...
The very first electronic cigarette model that I tried was from a company based out of Miami, Florida called VMR (or more commonly known as V2 Cigs).  I owe a debt to this company for introducing me to vaping

Vaping Battery Choices and You

Posted by Vapin’ in the Cape on 5/20/2017 to Battery Safety
Vaping Battery Choices and You
Vaping is an enjoyable alternative to tobacco products and it's popularity is constantly growing. Like all new technologies though, battery life can make or break your vaping experience.

Common Ecig problems and how to fix them.

Posted by The Splicer on 5/28/2016 to Mods
Some quick and easy tips for common E-cig problems.

Headed to the Beach? Let's talk about safety!

Posted by The Splicer on 5/23/2016 to Battery Safety
Going to the beach? Here's some extra steps you can take to protect your vape!

eCig Battery Safety Reminder

Posted by VITC on 5/20/2013 to Battery Safety
Basic safety tips for your ecig.

Battery Maintenance

Posted by Scott on 6/20/2011 to Battery Safety
A question that we get asked a lot is about the life span of ecigarette batteries. Obviously, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration when talking about the life span of batteries. All ecig batteries currently on the market are lithium ion technology, which is the most commonly used battery in consumer electronics.
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