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Advanced Vaping

Posted by Scott on 4/17/2011 to Mods
Advanced Vaping
Eventually in your vaping journey, you will reach the point where you want to experiment with bigger, better vaping. There are MANY options available to you, and we will discuss just a few in this week's blog entry.

HV (High Voltage) Vaping
Most electronic cigarettes or ecigarettes are 3.7v devices. Even the Joye eGo, Smoore X-Power, and Boge Leo, which look more like cigars than cigarettes are actually just high capacity 3.7v batteries. Now, 3.7v devices are considered standard voltage vaping.

HV vaping uses 5v, 6v, and even 7.4v devices! The affect that you get from these devices is that they vaporize the liquid at a MUCH higher temperature, and therefore produce MUCH more vapor. The vapor produced is also much hotter than standard vaping.

Many people say that HV vaping is the closest sensation to actually smoking a traditional cigarette.

The main disadvantage to HV vaping is the higher cost.  The kits are typically more expensive, as are the replacement parts.  Vapin' in the Cape currently sells the 'Cape Kong', which has many possible configurations.  For example, you could use (2) 18350 3.7v batteries stacked and have a 7.4v setup or (1) 18650 3.7v battery for standard voltage vaping.

As you would imagine, HV vaping also requires special atomizers that are designed to handle the higher source voltage.  These atomizers are more expensive, and don't last nearly as long as standard voltage atomizers.

If you don't mind the higher cost, and really want to have that traditional cigarette sensation, then definitely consider the Cape Kong!

LR (Low Resistance) Vaping 
Another option which is VERY popular is to simulate HV vaping using standard batteries, and special LR atomizers.  Without going into a lesson on basic electricity/electronics, I will just say that using LR atomizers allows more current to flow through the heating element of the atomizer and vaporizes the eliquid at a higher temperature.  This produces much more vapor than standard vaping.

Because of the higher current, LR atomizers are NOT recommended for use on batteries with capacity less than 650mah.  Joye eGo, Smoore X-Power, kgo, ePower, and Cape Vapor kits are BEST for use with LR atomizers.

Vapin' in the Cape currently has a large selection of LR atomizers and cartomizers for 510 type kits.  We will soon have a LR atomizer for the X-Power 900.

It is important to mention that since these batteries were engineered to be used with standard atomizers, the use of LR atomizers/cartomizers will shorten the battery life.

As you can see, there are many options available to you when you are ready to take the next step in your vaping journey.  Vapin' in the Cape is here to answer any questions and help you along your way.  Happy Vaping!

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