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Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Accurate Doses for E-Liquid When Vaping

Posted by Vapin’ in the Cape on 5/10/2017 to Community
Accurate Doses for E-Liquid When Vaping
Understanding what the different strengths in e-liquid mean can be the difference between a positive or negative vaping experience. The strength of the liquid is almost always measured in weight per volume; or milligrams per milliliter. They are also available in a variety of strengths. The "dose" of e-liquid ingested differs due to the depth in inhalation, frequency and size.

If you are new to vaping and use an e-cig (pen style) or a cartomizer, then it is suggested you start on a low "dose" of e-liquid. If you are not satisfied, you can increase the strength of your liquid. Smokers new to the vaping world may not experience the same "buzz" that they do when smoking regular cigarettes. Additionally, they can find it difficult to know when to stop puffing from their e-cig. With a cigarette, they know when they are done and have a "finished' feeling. Some e-cigs do contain puff counters but this can take a bit of adjustment for those who are again, just making the switch to vaping. Smokers can relate "dose" to the type of cigarettes they previously smoked. Did they smoke no filter cigarettes? Light? Ultra light? Depending on the amount of nicotine being inhaled from the the "strength" of the cigarettes can help to determine the "dose" of the juice that they will use in their device.

Heavy smokers- those who typically smoke two or more packs a day, will find themselves using 36mg when vaping. There is a brand available that goes up to 54mg but that is the highest that is currently available for purchase. 

Those who prefer to smoke "natural" cigarettes or rolled tobacco will usually use 24mg e-liquid when vaping. This is recommended for the full flavor smokers who smoke about a pack a day, maybe a little more. 

Smokers who use full-flavored or regular flavored cigarettes usually find themselves using 18mg of e-liquid. These are the types of smokers who smoke a pack or sometimes less a day of filtered cigarettes. This is where the majority of smokers who switch to e-cigs find themselves starting at. 

Social smokers who smoke less than a pack a day of light cigarettes will find themselves using 12mg of e-liquid when vaping. This is another area where more smokers fall into. If vapers find this to not be satisfying enough, they can always increase their dose- 12mg and 18mg are the most commonly vaped doses, and 6mg is considered the very light level or ultra light level of "dose" when vaping. This would be what smokers who enjoy ultra light cigarettes smoke.

For smokers who really only enjoy the feel of a cigarette and only smoke a few cigarettes a week, there is a No Nicotine "dose" of e-liquid for vaping. This is not for smokers who are trying to quit smoking, this is for the very casual ones.

Whether you are switching to vaping for more convenient reasons or as a means to an end, it is important to remember that with e-liquid, you are in control of your dosing. You can change your dosage to meet your personal needs, whether it is to eventually become a no nicotine smoker and fully quit or if it is maintain your current level of exposure.

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