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Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Basic Instructions for the Joye 510-T Starter Kit

Posted by on 8/27/2011

Basic Instructions for the Joye 510-T Kit


510-t_kit.jpgEach kit includes:

(2) 280mAh Joye 510 manual batteries

(1) Joye 510-T atomizer

(5) Blank tank cartridges

(1) USB charger

(1) Carrying pouch

Instructions for Assembling:

These batteries come with an 80% charge, and do not require charging prior to using them.

Working with the assembled battery in your kit, you will first want to remove the protective cartridge from the atomizer.  It is located at the very top of your cigarette.  Simply pull it straight out.

Filling a Cartridge:

To fill a cartridge, you will need to remove the end cap at the bottom of the cartridge.  They will be somewhat tight on the cartridge when they are new.  As you refill these cartridges, the end cap will become easier to remove.

Fill your cartridge with Eliquid.

Snap the end cap back onto the cartridge.

Adding a Cartridge to Your Cigarette:

Once the cartridge is filled, you will want to add the cartridge to your cigarette.  The wick inside of the atomizer will pierce the bottom of the cartridge.  The bottom of the cartridge will have a hole in the center (when they are new, that hole will have a membrane over it).  You will want to make sure that the cartridge is firmly snapped into the atomizer to ensure that the wick has pierced the cartridge.


Using Your E-Cigarette:

After you have the cartridge firmly in place, you will want to “prime” your atomizer the first time.  To do this, hold the button down on your battery, and give the cigarette a few “cigar puffs” (drag on the cigarette without inhaling).  Once you begin to see vapor, you can start inhaling the cigarette as normal. 

Since the actual atomizer is located under the wicking platform, it is normal for it to take a few puffs to get the full flavor from your Eliquid. 


Please note:  These are manual batteries.  You will have to hold the button on the battery down during each inhale.  Release the button upon exhale.  If the button is held down for more than 10 seconds, the battery will shut itself off.  This is a protective measure built into the battery to prevent overheating the atomizer.


Charging the Batteries:

It is time to charge the light on the end of the battery starts to flash and will no longer produce vapor.  Unscrew the atomizer from the battery, and screw it into the USB charger that came with your kit.  Plug the charger into any universal USB port (computer, laptop, wall adapter).  These batteries take approximately (2) hours to fully recharge.

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