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2017 Holiday Vape Gift Ideas

Posted by Vapin in the Cape on 11/28/2017 to Promotions
2017 Holiday Vape Gift Ideas

It's the most wonderful time of the year once again!  Many people are wondering, "what would make some great gift ideas for my loved ones who vape?".  We have put together this guide to assist you in selecting the products that anyone would love to receive this holiday season!  To make your life easier, we have created some new categories that break down the different criteria.

Starter Kits

The basic definition of a Starter Kit is generally a kit that comes with everything someone would need to get started with vaping.  Some people like to get new starter kits either as a backup or an upgrade to what they are currently using.  Whatever the reason, we have many different Starter Kits to fill the niche.  Are you buying a gift for someone who is currently smoking cigarettes?  This is the place for them to start.  Here are some great Starter Kits gift ideas.


No matter how long you have been vaping or what type of device you use, one thing we all have in common is e-liquids (also called vape juices).  The varieties of type and flavor of e-liquids could fill their own encyclopedia set at this point, but here are the basics.  Typically for someone just starting out with the vape, we recommend a higher nicotine level to help them get off of the cigarettes.  Depending on the number of cigarettes smoked per day will determine the exact level.  Depending on the device being used, you may require a thinner or thicker e-liquid.  We have found over the years that people are more successful making the switch to vape if they start with an e-liquid that tastes similar to the brand of cigarettes they have been smoking for years.  Here are a few of our most popular flavors:


We all need a place to store our liquid on our device and that is where tanks come in.  A vape tank is a cylinder which holds the liquid and also contains the atomizer (the part that heats up to make the vapor).  As you can imagine, vape tanks come in many different styles and sizes.  They have been improved in engineering over the years by adding such features as 'top filling' and various types of adjustable airflow.  Finding the tank that is right for you usually takes some experimentation since everyone is different.  The following are a couple of the newer tanks we carry:

Replacement Coils

If you or your loved one is using a tank, the other item they will always need is replacement coils.  The coil is the part of the atomizer which gets very hot and vaporizes the e-liquid.  Because of their job, it is normal for them to wear out and need to be replaced.  One of the main questions we get asked is "how long should a coil last me?"  There isn't an easy answer for that question due to all of the possible variables involved:  the type of e-liquid you are using, the power of the device you are using, and the amount of nicotine will all affect the life of the coils.  We carry coils for most brand name tanks.

Gift Certificates

If you just can't figure out what to get for your loved one, gift certificates are a great way to go.  This allows them to choose what they want and use the gift certificate to pay for it.  Gift Certificates are available in many different dollar amounts:

As you can see, there are many options for that vaper on your Christmas list and if you have a smoker on your Christmas list, you couldn't give them a better gift than something to help them switch from smoking.  We hope that this guide has been helpful to you, but if you have any specific questions, we are always available to help.  Click HERE to chat with a live person.

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