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Who Doesn't Like Coupons?

Posted by VITC on 5/17/2016 to Promotions
We want to honor you, our awesome customers, but we also want to engage with you on our social channels!

How To Redeem Your Points

Posted by VITC on 8/10/2013 to Promotions
How to redeem your Reward Points for gift certificates.

eCig Battery Safety Reminder

Posted by VITC on 5/20/2013
Basic safety tips for your ecig.

Where Can I Get a Coupon Code?

Posted by Vapin' in the Cape on 2/16/2013 to Promotions
Looking for a coupon code? Read this.


Posted by VITC on 8/21/2012
Vapin' in the Cape offers you several eLiquid options to choose from. Here are some of the difference...

In The News

Posted by VITC on 6/19/2012
Vapin' in the Cape was recently interviewed by the Fort Myers News Press...

Horizontal Coil Cartomizers

Posted by Lorrie on 6/19/2012
How to fill Horizontal Coil Cartomizers.

Basic Instructions For the Joye eGo

Posted by Lorrie on 8/27/2011

These are some basic instructions for the Joye eGo Starter Kit. 

Basic Instructions for the Joye 510-T Starter Kit

Posted by Lorrie on 8/27/2011
These are basic instructions for the Joye 510-T Starter Kit.

Battery Maintenance

Posted by Scott on 6/20/2011 to Battery Safety
A question that we get asked a lot is about the life span of ecigarette batteries. Obviously, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration when talking about the life span of batteries. All ecig batteries currently on the market are lithium ion technology, which is the most commonly used battery in consumer electronics.