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How To Redeem Your Points

Posted by on 8/10/2013 to Promotions
So you've accumulated some Reward what?  Let's take a look at how you redeem those!

PLEASE NOTE: You must be logged into your account before you can redeem your points.

STEP 1: Under "My Account", click on the button that says, "My Rewards".

STEP 2: Click on the button that says, "Redeem".

STEP 3:  Based on the number of points you have available, choose which Gift Certificate you would like to redeem. Click the button that says, "Redeem".

STEP 4: Click on the button that says, "Click Here To Redeem".

STEP 5: Click on the link that says, "Back to My Account".

STEP 6: Scroll down to the 'Gift Certificate' section of your account. Click on the link that says, 'View Details'.

STEP 7: Find the gift certificate code you will be applying to your order. Hold the mouse down and highlight the alpha-numeric code starting with the letters 'GC'. Right click and select "copy".

STEP 8: While in your shopping cart, find the coupon code field. Place your mouse cursor in that field, right click your mouse, and select "paste". 

STEP 9: Click the "Apply" button.

STEP 10: Verify your gift certificate has been applied. 

STEP 11: Your final balance will be reflected prior to adding your payment information. 

And that's all there is to it!  If you have any questions about using the Rewards Program, please do not hesitate to contact us!  

IMPORTANT NOTE:  You will not receive any gift card or gift certificate in the mail.  The shopping cart system WILL deduct the amount prior to payment options, however, the deductions does NOT show up on your emailed receipt.  Gift certificate codes are considered a "form of payment" and will not show up as a 'discount' on your receipt.

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